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ALINASAB Tabriz Carpet

Weaving carpets is the oldest handicraft of Iran. This Artistic industry has been exported to many countries through out the centuries. Persian carpets have been luxurious objects, decorating the castles and mansions for centuries. All courts and palaces’ floors and walls were covered with Persian Carpets. The carpets’ designs where influenced by the ceramics which decorated the walls. The old Persian temple’s constructional structure resembles a smaller sky, and inside is decorated with paintings, which reflects the...


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We have two trade only Showrooms situated in key locations across the world. Our Tehran Head Office Showroom & our Vancouver Showroom each offer a comprehensive selection of our full product offering. The showrooms are open 9am until 9pm Sunday to Thursday and 9am until 4pm Friday (excluding bank holidays).  

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Where is the carpet capital of the world?
Where is the carpet capital of the world?

When we talk about Iranian carpets, the image that immediately comes to our mind is a rug with threads and weaves, which the hands of an artist have tied all over with wool and silk and made it into

What are the important points in buying a carpet?
What are the important points in buying a carpet?

A carpet is actually a carpet that is generally woven in small sizes from 50 x 35 cm to 2 x 3 meters. As the name of this valuable and artistic item suggests, it has a completely decorative aspect