Mr. Mir Mahmoud Hosseini is an internationally renowned master of design and weaving Persian Carpets. The family was entitled 'Alinasab' owing to their sophistication and delicacy in the art of carpeting. He was allowed to carry the title since his excellent skill rivaled with all the family entitled Alinasab. Mir Mahmoud took the carpet from the floor to the walls, therefore the size changed from the size of the floors into his measurements of a tableau. Each of his carpets is a window to an era. He entered the three dimensions of Volume, time, and Motion in carpeting and started to work on a realism-oriented style, which was challenging with the realistic painting style and natural picturesque scenery. He later entered the style of surrealism and his designed carpets were the highest point of sophistication in carpeting. The style of surrealism implies the visual elements of the dimensions of Time, Space, and Rhythm. He started his apprenticeship in carpet weaving at the age of 12 under the supervision of his father, who is one of the masters of the era.While learning about the different patterns of traditional carpet design, weaving method, colors, shapes and sizes of each design which are peculiar to that very style of designing at his father's workshop during the day, he attended the Technical College at nights and received his High School Diploma. In 1977, he left Tabriz for continuation of his education in the field of electronics in the School of Television and Cinema. After graduation in 1979, he returned to Tabriz.While working as technician for National Television in Tabriz, he challenged the tradition of family heritage work. He resigned from National Television in 1987 and established a small workshop of his own, and began to challenge the historical aspects of weaving. The resultant distance of these years enabled him to observe more closely all he had learned, and by so doing he sound a new path in the art of carpeting.
His artistic experience through working for mass media expanded his horizon in the creation of a new form of artistic statement. He started to experiment his new ideas in his workshop. He reached the excellence of the techniques and started to weave the new designs and portray live creatures. In his new style, the depth, dimension of the perspective, and all the other indications of a picture such as light and hue of the colors were considered in his designs. Having observed Mr. Farshchian's paintings, he was deeply fascinated by the work of surrealism. He subsequently started to weave his pictures into his own carpets. Later on he wove Dali's paintings and the works of some other surrealist painters. After the tradition of many centuries, it was Mir Mahmoud who portrayed singular objects.