What are the important points in buying a carpet?

A carpet is actually a carpet that is generally woven in small sizes from 50 x 35 cm to 2 x 3 meters. As the name of this valuable and artistic item suggests, it has a completely decorative aspect and is installed on the wall like a panel and has a beautiful effect. environment gives Although the original carpets are all hand-woven and are considered an example of fine Iranian art, but today, countless carpets are machine-produced in the market and have their fans. Since carpets are considered luxury goods, they are a good option as a unique, valuable and lasting gift for your loved ones.

As a rule, when you go to a store to buy a carpet or a carpet panel, the sellers express their opinions and opinions, it is useful to listen to these opinions, but never let them force you to make a choice that you doubt. In order not to regret after buying, it is better to choose carefully and prepare your carpet according to your budget and taste.

The most important points in choosing and buying carpets


  • It is better to know that generally the information of a carpet or any carpet is placed on the back of it, so you can find out about the birth certificate of the carpet by checking the back of the work and read it.
  • The back part of the work always contains a lot of information. You can check the type of knots in terms of coarseness or fineness by looking at the back of the carpet. Also, if you are a little careful and increase your information before buying, you can check the accuracy of the combs by looking at the back of the work. Also find out what was done by the weaver.
  • You may not notice the crooked texture of the carpet by looking at it, because this issue will be lost in the design of the carpet and will not be very recognizable. One of the ways to find out this problem is to check the back of the carpet because any deviation in the texture can be seen this way.
  • Pay attention that it is better to prepare the carpet without a frame, because the frame can cover the crookedness of the carpet, while if you put the two sides of the carpet without a frame on top of each other, you will easily notice its crookedness.
  • If you intend to buy a carpet that is woven by a special master or has a special brand, it is better to buy it from a reputable store or even from the weaver himself, because during the restoration and restoration of the carpet and other similar techniques, there is a possibility that the signature Or people's names are woven under the board, and only if you are very professional, you can recognize this problem.
  • Carpets with silk piles are more expensive, by looking at the pile you can easily tell if it is silk or cotton, silk piles or piles are much more delicate and shiny than yarn and usually have a much more beautiful effect. They use
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the carpet payment. Finishing carpets and rugs is considered an art, and if it is done without skill, it not only has a negative effect on the appearance quality of the rug, but also reduces its value.
  • Try to buy your carpet in times when the market is quieter and you have more time, because despite the wide variety in this direction, it takes patience and time to choose a carpet that suits your taste and home.
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 News Date: 2023-11-06
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